LFR Downshadow

Dark Secrets of Downshadow

A young lord of a Waterdhavian noble family has become involved with a cell of Dark Followers of Shar in the Downshadow area of Waterdeep (an upper level of Undermountain).
The lord’s teenage male servant carries a light and cleans his master’s boots on the short
trips through the city sewers. The servant was kept away from the meetings with the Sharran worshippers.
However, on the most recent trip, the servant was taken prisoner and planned as a sacrifice in an upcoming ritual. The servant boy does not know the young lord set him up and never witnessed the young lord’s involvement with Shar. The servant boy’s sister is seeking adventurers to find and rescue her brother.
While investigating Downshadow they made contact with Morthos and Grimvok
The party could not reach the boy in time, but they thwarted any future sacrificing by the cult’s by taking over leadership.
Lord Korras Anteos has yet to be found and the cult is awaiting their masters next move.



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