LFR Downshadow


In the Dagger’s Rest, the former tutor of a noble family pleads for help from the PCs in recovering a stolen heirloom. The tutor (now a sage) tells the PCs the family legend regarding the heirloom. The heirloom is a fine quality sextant, not of high intrinsic value, but according to family legend, the family is doomed without the sextant. The sextant belonged to a sea captain who grew a shipping business and was ennobled long ago. The tutor is acting alone, as the family members have been reduced in number and the young heir is a bit adrift. (Many family members have left Waterdeep for their safety.) Many valuables were stolen, but the sextant is considered the most significant to the family. While the theft seems to be simple burglary, the thief was hired by unidentified agents, with the sextant as the main objective.

The thief was found to be a gnome named Orlamm Rivenstone. He gave up the sextant as well as the only information he knew. That we was the bring the sextant, along with a ripped piece of paper, to the Green Tankard Tavern in Loudwater where he would meet a man with the other half.



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