LFR Downshadow

The Missing and the Missed

After being dismissed for being too ambitious and impatient, a human mage named Tieden Prise vowed to prove his master wrong by being accepted into the Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors. To that end, Tieden has embarked on a misguided quest to improve upon magic potions by incorporating alchemy into the Brew Potion ritual.
Eventually he managed to brew a potion that changed common peasants into tough, monstrous warriors, but was unable to solve problems of a short life span and strong odor.
He recently made a connection with an unknown party that lead him to incorporate necromancy into his blend.
Needing a new place he moved to Waterdeep where crowded slums provided plenty of test subjects, and he hired thugs to capture people from the street. Realizing he might draw attention to himself, he thought to deflect suspicion for the disappearances onto a fictitious cult of Shar.
City Watchman Girnan Svann noticed a number of poor people had gone missing from the Dock Ward and became concerned for his unlikely friends and occasional informants. When he reported the disappearances to his rorden (a senior officer), Girnan was told money and manpower were too short to waste on drifters. He began to investigate on his own time but realized he was out of his depth, as he suspected a cult of Shar was involved. Alarmed at how many people were vanishing, he advertised for adventurers to help.



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