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In an effort to speed up the combat in 4e, there are 2 new styles of combat I will be incorporating in addition to the standard. We may not stick with them, but I want to give them a try from time to time and see how it goes.

These are generally quick random encounters or a result of a failed skill challenge.
- VS Minions only
- Will declare all defenses at the beginning.
- Everyone (PC and DM) rolls at once.
- PCs can only use At-Will powers

Skirmish Encounters
A skirmish is a bit more than a brawl, but not a full out fight.
- PCs may not be able to use daily/encounter power. Will announce when it starts.
- Will be against any type of monster/NPC

Additionally, I will begin using XP again as just leveling arbitrarily seems to have lost something for me.

Main Page

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